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An Opinion on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer

            The world relies on information systems. These highly advanced systems may be a critical part of a business management system used in an office for important emails and access to many millions of people via the internet. They may help a student write a great report for school, or a cook pull up new recipe. The functionality of information systems is near limitless. Browsers "Mozilla Firefox" and "Internet Explorer," are the most active search engines in the United States, and in this comparative study, I'll identify the pros and cons of each of them.
             Differences & Self Assessments .
             On most browsers, people are able to look for a search button or a history review of what they've previously searched. Mozilla Firefox is my favorite browser. It's known as one of America's safest (Forbes Magazine, 2004) with a "sandbox security system" which provides a 99.8% security free zone. Internet explorer was implemented when Microsoft launched its first operating system. Microsoft Explorer improves constantly since it's release in the 1990's. Each year, Microsoft comes out with a new security patch for Internet Explorer, but I find that to be worthless - it's slow servers, poor security coverage, and slow responses hinder it's functionality.
             I personally find that to be convenient when I need to quick reference a website. I do not have to enter ".com" or ".org" with Mozilla as I have to with internet explorer. While searching sites such as social media, sports, or news I notice that explorer is extremely slow. Mozilla will instantly pull up the sight and be ready to search as explorer needs time to load and has been task bars on its face.
             In this module I have learned that search engines are a big part of my daily life. Utilizing Mozilla Firefox vs. Explorer are like going to two different countries. With Firefox I rely on quick responses while it decodes items much faster than internet explorer.

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