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Boyz in the Hood

            "One out of every twenty-one Black American males will be murdered in their lifetime. Most will die at the hands of another Black male." This is the first thing that pops on the screen when the movie "Boyz n the Hood " comes on. This is a movie that portrays young black males growing up in the hood. The hood is portrayed as a place deep in crime, murders; police patrolling around constantly, single parent homes and a high traffic rate of drugs and criminals. A very bright young man by the name of Tre gets into an altercation in elementary school. When this altercation happens, his mother realizes that he has to stay with his father. The reason being was only his father could teach him how to become a man. A man who takes the time to raise a son is such a rarity in the hood. Family, life in the hood, and hood dreams are the main points touched on in "Boyz n the Hood"," that show the struggle of making it as a black male during these times. .
             Two of Tre's best friends are Doughboy and Ricky. Doughboy and Ricky are brothers who have been raised up in a single parent home. These brothers have contrasting lifestyles. Doughboy is a thug. He drinks and carries a gun on him at all times. He is a person who is in and out of jail for constantly breaking the law. Ricky is the star athlete who is being recruited by the University of Southern California for football. Everyone treats him better and his mother gives the better treatment to him. With the help and support of his dad, Tre has grown into a very smart young man. You notice the difference in parenting styles because when the parent supports their child, they develop into some great young men. On the other hand, when the parents don't support the child, they stray away and become something else. In the hood, a child should be motivated because they are already at a disadvantage. Things like drugs, being poor, crime, racism, and other things are the disadvantages of growing up in the hood.

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