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Comparing rebel Without A Cause and Boyz In The Hood

            Media Studies Essay-Boyz"n the Hood, Rebel Without A Cause.
             This essay shows the similarities and differences, which affect young people who are represented in Boyz"n The Hood and Rebel without a cause. Both films were not made recently and were made thirty years apart but still are both considered shocking and realistic for their time. They both deal with the same themes which are youths struggling in societies. The directors of the films both aim to get across the same point which is for the violence in today's society to decrease both with the youths and adults. The youths struggling in these societies are faced with pressures such as growing up where in BNTH and in RWAC they are faced with in their eyes an abnormal parentage. Tre is faced with this because he has to move from his mothers house who was a single, middle class, female, black parent to his strict father living in a Ghetto where Tre has to go against what's wrong when faced with anger and frustration. Jim in RWAC is also faced with pressures when growing up in school and making new friends. Jim is rebelling in the film because of his frustration of his father because he does not discipline him enough like a father should. They are both faced with peer pressure while growing up such as being offered such things as drink and sex with Tre and knife fights and car races with Jim.
             Jim is faced with problems in his family while trying to settle down in his new neighbourhood. He is faced with both internal and external problems in his life. His internal problems are to do with his family because he believes his dad is not fulfilling his role as a masculine, modern, stereotype of how a fatherly figure should act and discipline his son. He thinks of his father in this way because of such scenes in the film e.g. his father is wearing an apron, drops a cup of tea and bends down desperately trying to clean it up before the mother gets home.

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