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Robin Hood

             Robin Hood began a personal crusade against the Sheriff of Nottingham, as a result of a conflict that Robin Hood had with the Sheriff and his administration. Robin Hood knew that he, as one man, could not fight the Sheriff, with any real success. .
             Robin Hood realized the need for the development of an organization that could carry out his goal of disabling the Sheriff and his administration. He accomplished this task by seeking men with similar beliefs, with grievances and with a deep sense of justice, and welcomed them to join him in his fight.
             Robin Hood is currently faced with an organization that is growing beyond its current resources and facilities. The organization is also facing a decline in discipline and vigilance. I offer to Robin Hood, as his trusted advisor, the following analysis, and proposed strategic recommendations to assist him in making key strategic decisions regarding the fate of the Merrymen.
             What issues need to be addressed?.
             • Size of the organization. The rapid increase in the size of the organization has caused it to outgrow its present facilities and its resources.
             • Increased expenses. Due to the size increase, the organization is acquiring expenses that it has not experienced in the past. Food and supplies for the members of the organization are being paid for with the organization's financial reserves.
             • Organizational size. Is the current facility large enough to accommodate the organization comfortably? The organization of Merrymen may need to relocate outside of the forest.
             • Lieutenants. Due to the increased size of the organization, Robin Hood may need to increase the number of lieutenants. Four managers cannot effectively manage such a large work force.
             • Organizational management. Is the management team as effective as it could be? If not, Robin Hood needs to consider replacing the ineffective managers with more effective ones.

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