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Robin Hood Plan

            Everyone remembers the Robin Hood Character? If you don't, he was a person that stole money from the rich and gave it to the poor. Texas law has come up with a plan do to the same thing involving rich and poor school districts. This plan is called Robin Hood named after this fictional character. The law is designed to tax money from the richer school districts and give it to the poorer districts. There is a lot of controversy over this law, but in reality Robin Hood is a very good thing.
             One of the most important goals of this law is to give kids equal opportunities. Many children are born into poor families that live in a poorer neighborhood, which isn't their fault and they can do nothing to help it. The Robin Hood plan gives these children to get the exact same quality education as a more privileged child living in a richer district. With the extra money the poorer districts schools are able to buy new books, computers, and other materials, so that every school is kept up to date.
             Another good general idea is that this plan will create a more educated public in those poorer cities. With the future of that city getting a strong education, the future public in general will be brighter. Robin Hood will improve the poor cities and help their economy in the long run.
             Using the Robin Hood will also result in less crime. This plan will keep children in the classroom and off the streets. It will also give them the education to go get a job out of school, instead of turning to crime on the streets. Robin Hood will result in safer communities, and crime will fall in these poorer cities that are currently dealing with this problem.
             The Robin Hood Plan is very beneficial, and will improve these cities and the children in them. It is not fair to give a child less of a chance because he lives in a poorer neighborhood. Robin Hood is a good plan, and with out it these poorer districts will continue to decline, the public will not become educated, and crime will continue to rise.

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