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Robin Hood

             During the thirteenth century there lived a man named Robin Hood. This man, I believe, was put on this earth for one thing; to stop people who misuse the power they are given. He did not fight to gain power and popularity, he fought for people who had a voice but could not use it, he fought for what was right and Godly (Hole 87). I am a scribe. I first met Robin at Barnsdale in Yorkshire. Ever since then, I lingered with him, was a part of his crew and carefully documented everything I saw and heard. I never interfered or offered my opinion on problems that arose, I just watched and wrote. There were times I felt that my opinion was worth hearing, but a scribe's job is only to write. This is the only document written that contains a first hand account of a few, of the many, adventures of Robin Hood. Although Robin is dead, his legend will live on forever. Robin Hood was a man of the people who fought for their rights and in turn became a hero and a legend. .
             Robin Hood was born to the name of Robin of Locksley and he was born in the thirteenth century (Creswick 1). The date is unknown because nobody ever asked him and after his death I found no documentation of the exact date. He was born in Locksley town, which is in Nottinghamshire, the son of William Fitzooth (Creswick 2). His destiny was to grow up and become one of the most talked about men in all of England. It started when Robin returned from the Third Crusade to find himself bereaved and made an outlaw by King John, who was "standing in" for his brother Richard the Lionheart (Miles 5). .
             Although Robin was extremely loyal to King Richard, he disgreed strongly with the corrupt rule of his brother John.
             Almost everywhere Robin went, he wore green and he loved the forest. As a result, he became a representation of nature (Holt 12). He was also a representation of freedom because he fought against the sheriff's harsh enforcement of forest laws and fought for people that were oppressed (12).

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