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Book response #1 4B the outlaws of Sherwood

             My first reaction to the book was "alright Robin Hood!" and still my reaction is "Alright Robin Hood." Really the only problem I have with the book is the way he worded is sentences. Also the way you kind of just jump right into the story and he referees to some characters that haven't been introduced all the way so it gets a little confusing but I enjoy a lot of the character introduced thus far. I also fully enjoy the way the thing is developing its quite enjoyable with the whole lets get lost in the woods and hope nobody finds us. I do not like how robin hood isn't really like the gentlemen thief it kind of bums me out but perhaps this well develop later on in the book after all it is very early in his career. Back to the sentences being a little confusing take this for example and I quote "it was a great pity, as everyone said that such a good man (and forward looking, said those who approved of his archery is misguided, said those who did not) should have such a worthless son" even now I ask my self what does he mean. Also at the beginning of the book robin is walking through the woods to the fair and it talks of Much and Marian and you don't know who that is until like a page later but other then that the book is going just fine!.

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