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Fighting Somali pirates with Science

            Neal Ungerleiger's article, "Fighting Somali Pirates with Science", issued on January 1, 2012 is part of a blog featured in "Technoblog" on Msnbc.com. Ungerleiger reports on international innovation for Fast Company and also freelances for numerous other publications. His work focuses on international emerging technologies, international start-ups and innovations, cyber securities and military technologies. His works are also intended for the audience to think beyond the traditional boundaries which lead to conversations and new innovations for changing people's lives. In the article, Neal responds to the piracy problems in Somalia by promoting new advanced weapons and armed guards on board for the ships passing through the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. In the course of the article, he explains the new creations of anti-pirate defenses from various companies and introduces new defense technologies such as a wall of stink water, lasers, compressed air cannons that shoot nets, and a sonic system called LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) which produces unbearable noises. He also mentions upgrading the defense system in the commercial ships because pirates have also begun to use advanced technologies in hijacking commercial ships. Yet, Ungerleiger also understands using those technologies will have a higher cost, and most ship owners do not have enough money to have those high tech weapons. He also states that the old fashioned armed guard defenses are most efficient because of the statistical evidence from an insurance company. Ungerleiger concludes by mentioning that in London Transport security expo, more anti-pirates systems will be revealed.
             Ungerleiger's commentary is responding to the piracy problems in Somalia by promoting new advanced weapons and armed guards. Piracy off the coast of Somalia is growing at alarming rates and threatening ship owners drastically, which is disrupting international trade.

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