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Road Transportation in Penang

            Transportation is a key logistics activity that provide for the movement of materials and goods from point of origin to point of consumption, and perhaps to their ultimate point of disposal as well. Transportation involves several selections of modes (e.g., air, rail, water, truck, or pipeline), the routing of shipments, assuring compliance with regulations in the region of the country where shipment is occurring, and selection of the carrier. Transport integration is an essential port or terminal (rail/air) function of a modern seaport airport node in which a multimodal transport system develops. The growth of these is fundamentally affected by four sets of separate factors: the land situation, the water situation, the land site, and the water site. The balance between these factors influences port city growth which depends on the functions of the effective integration of land use and the road network system. For that reason, the integration of land use and a transportation network system deserves particular attention and research. .
             In the port or terminal (rail/air), transportation is the main activities since it plays a role to enable transfer of goods from ships to other transportation modes and vice-versa. Over the years, the roles of port or railway station have been expanded. Consequently the relationships between port or railway station and city changed considerably during the second half of the twentieth century. As a result, ports or terminal (rail/air) have becomes increasingly disconnected from cities. The increased intensity of port or terminal (rail/air) industrial activity, in combination with urban growth, lack of available land for further expansion, and environmental constraints have led to the move of port or terminal (rail/air) facilities away from city centers. The general level of these development and urban growth is a reflection of the land situation, which includes the nature and extent of economic development in the tributary area and the character of the transport network.

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