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The Contributions of Galileo

            Galileo was one of the most significant contributors to the scientific revolution. Galileo recognized that there were many theoretical problems when it came to physical science. In fact, Galileo's interpretations were so contrary to popular theories that he was sometimes laughed at and disrespected - because the Catholic Inquisition in Rome viewed science much differently. Galileo's conflict with the church wasn't the first time science and religion had been on a collision course. Decades earlier, Copernicus's scientific argument that the earth revolved around the sun was scoffed at by the church, but Galileo was able to verify that Copernicus had been correct all along and used his superior telescope to prove it. Galileo was a physicist, astronomer and mathematician. He was also one of the greatest philosophers who has ever lived, playing a significant role in the scientific revolution. Jacop indicates that in late 1580, Galileo began the process of renewing and rewriting central tenets of the current mechanical philosophy Galileo ushered in a scientific turning point and because of him, humanity would never see themselves, the world or our place in the universe the same again.
             Early in his life, Galileo's physical science theories conflicted with some of the greatest minds in history, including Aristotle. He was able to prove that two bodies with unequal weight would fall at the same speed. Jacop said "Galileo's discoveries laid the foundation for a mechanical understanding of nature." He was the first to create a telescope powerful enough to observe the phases of Venus and to discover the largest four satellites of Jupiter. Galileo worked in applied science and technology.
             His results came from a meticulous mathematical process of testing. All his scientific experiments were put under stringent mathematical models that he used to arrive at his conclusions and/or theories. He was an innovator and stood his ground, often opposing the views of the church.

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