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The achievmants of galileo

            "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants. By saying this famous quote, Isaac Newton gave credit to all the great mathematicians, scientists, astronomers, and great minds of the time. Among these people was Galileo Galilei. He discovered celestial bodies in space, provided information that showed the earth was not the center of the universe, challenged the church, and laid the foundation for modern sciences. Galileo made many contributions to technology, and he greatly advanced the world of modern science.
             Galileo worked on many projects and invented many things that are still used everyday. One of his great inventions was the pendulum clock, " Galileo's son Vincenzio, and Galileo's last student, Vincenzio Viviani, completed his design for a pendulum clock." (Discovering Gravity, http://www.museum.vic.gov.au/scidiscovery/gravity/index.asp). After watching lights swing back and forth in the church he noticed they kept the same time swinging backwards and forwards. For this reason, there is a working clock today, that allows people to keep time every where. He also worked on many other projects, he " built a thermoscope. He devised and constructed a geometrical and military compass, and wrote a handbook which describes how to use this instrument. In 1594 he obtained the patent for a machine to raise water levels. He invented the microscope," (Galileo Galilei, http://galileo.imss.firenze.it/museo/b/egalilg.html). Truly, this man was a great person to be able to do so much and not accept anything in return. As well as being and inventor, many of his important discoveries that led to other inventions. He "realized that bodies in air also .
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             experience buoyant forces that oppose the pull of gravity. If the buoyant forces overcome gravity, then the body will rise," (Falling and Rising,.

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