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Overview on Surrogacy

            10 to 15 % of married couples as well as single individuals who are unable to have children decide to try surrogacy. So having a surrogate mother is nothing new in today's society. This has been the solution to the problem of not being able to have children. If we look at it surrogacy has been around since biblical times. If you can remember there was a part in the bible that explains how Sarah, who is the wife of Abraham, was unable to have children. She then gave her maid, to her husband so that she could produce a child for them. Surrogacy has become the most popular trend in today's society. This is the next best thing for married couples, gay men, lesbians, and single individuals to do. In what follows I hope to accurately reflect the main points of information acquired from each of my sources on this topic. (South University Online, 2013, para. 1). .
             The article "Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents", by (Patterson, 2009) is to focus on the children who are beginning raised by lesbian and gay parents. The research was conducted to find out how well lesbian and gay parents raise their children and if there was any difference in how heterosexual parents raise their children (Patterson, para,10 2009). In this article there has been a psychological study on the legal and policy debates about lesbian and gay parents and their children. For example, "psychologists need to learn more about the individual differences of lesbian-mother and gay-father families" (Patterson, para 6, 2009). The author talks of how knowing about the qualities of the environment that will support the parents when it comes to providing a good home for their children and how it will benefit them. By studying such, it is has become very possible to learn about their unique issues and concerns of lesbian and gay parents and their children. In result to the research found in this article, the study shows that lesbian and gay parent's function just like other parents do, and that their children also function the same way other children do who are raised by heterosexual parents.

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