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The World War II Blitz

            As we look at present day London, we see a beautiful city in the great nation of the United Kingdom. But if we press the rewind button and take a look to the year 1941 we will see a London vastly different than it is today. That was the year, most if not all the bombing stopped from German planes. The hellish ordeal that many Londoners felt was over as well as a proud victory between the British over the Germans during the battle of Britain. .
             One cannot talk about one of the darkest times in Britain's history without talking about the battle that precedes it. The Battle of Britain between Britain and Germany was a very intense and hard fought battle for both countries. According to Mackay in regards to the battle of Britain, Britain was the only country standing in the way of Hitler's complete control of Europe. They mentioned that Hitler turned his attention from fighting a military objective to bombing the cities of Britain to destroy the morale of the British. Mackay also states the Britain "dug in" and eventually thanks to their superior air tactics eventually won the battle of Britain. While MacKay mentions the bombing of Britain, it lacks further details on what happened during those days of bombing. .
             My second source "A World At Arms"" goes into more detailed accounts about the battle of Britain as well as the blitz's bombing. According to "A World At Arms", Britain had a geographical advantage compared to other countries like France. Britain was divided by other countries through the English Channel. This proved to be have a huge advantage because the Germans could not effectively use their military tactics of lighting war". Lighting war" or Blitzkrieg was a military tactic where the Germans would use mechanical tactics that involved mass attacks from both air and land. This chapter in the book also went to talk about the advantages Britain had over the German, superior planes and radar.

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