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Art From Around the World

            Buddhism is a religion that has different virtues that guide those who practice it.
             with Hinduism, it's the most common religion practiced in Asia. Buddhism .
             is known for the beautiful arts that dot places of worship, especially in Temples and .
             homes. It is said that having some of the statues of gods in one's home is a sign of good .
             luck and prayer to the gods is one of the most common practices in Asia (Washington, .
             The arts of Buddhism are some of the major cultural attractions that stand out .
             when one visits these places of worship. If we take for example, Temples in Japan, they .
             might have statues of the founder of Buddhism formerly know as Siddhartha. He .
             changed his name to Buddha and had teachings that he passed on to his followers. The .
             teachings were referred to as the Four Noble Truths: one, life is suffering; two, suffering .
             is caused by desire and attachments to the worldly ideas; three; suffering is ended only by .
             ending desire and attachment; and finally, to end desire. The eightfold Path has to be .
             followed (Washington, DC, 2005).
             The art of Buddha is a symbol of hope to those who practice Buddha, a source of .
             encouragement to forge on through their daily lives. People look for something that they .
             want to follow to fulfill their desire to be religious. Those who follow Buddhism know .
             that they are not the only ones who suffered, their god did too. The statues and paintings .
             of Buddha act as a symbol of hope to them.
             Japanese paintings of sacred places such as sacred sites depict the emphasis laid .
             on spiritual qualities tied to such places by the Shinto religion. One such painting is the .
             painting of Mount Fuji, also known locally as Mount Fujisan. Its peaks are considered .
             sacred and are some of the most popular tourist attractions. These places, alongside places .
             of worship, are some of the sources of inspiration of all those who follow Buddhism, be it .
             the monks in monasteries or simple Buddhist followers; the reverence of these areas in .

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