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The Obesity Epidemic

            Our world is faced with many diseases and disorders, each one a driving force which propels researchers and specialists on a quest for remedies. One disorder, which affects millions of people, is obesity. Obesity is a term used to describe people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30. Medical professionals and healthcare personnel use the BMI as the standard method to determine the extent of a person's weight issues.
             The process involves dividing a person's weight by his/her her height. In North America, obesity is the leading cause of preventable illness and death. This paper will critically discuss the causes of obesity, the most affected group, the daily problems they face, symptoms, treatment and lasting solution. .
             People living in urban areas who are in the middle and upper classes are more likely to suffer obesity than any other group (Fairburn & Brownell, 2002). Our perception of beauty has established a stigmatization of those who are obese, with slim people considered to be more attractive - more handsome or beautiful. According to Fairburn & Brownell (2002), the obese (and therefore "unattractive"), are less likely to be hired for a job or promoted once they are employed. .
             People who are significantly overweight often have difficulty accessing public facilities such as restroom toilets due to the incompatible size of the stalls. In some instances, obese individuals are forced to pay for two airplane or bus tickets, insinuating that their size will require them to use two seats(Fairburn & Brownell, 2002). As Fairburn & Brownell (2002) further state, "obese people have a high chance of suffering lower self-esteem, humiliation and greater shame especially among the young adults." The continuous breakdown of self-esteem is a result of repeated negative comments from peers and family, group aggression and extensive teasing. The negative stigma associated with those who are considered obese can be debilitating.

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