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The Obesity Epidemic

            Obesity is one of the main preventable causes of death in America since the 1980's. Most Americans are obese or overweight. One out of four Americans visits a fast food restaurant daily. Citizens who become overweight or obese are at a high risk of becoming diabetic and exposed to many other diseases. American citizens are responsible for the obesity and diabetes in America because citizens have the power to select the type of life they want to live.
             American citizens have free will to pick whether they want to live long or die young. Since the very beginning, God made man with free will to choose from right or wrong. Citizens have a very simple option to live healthily and eat healthfully. But they decide to eat unhealthful foods, not knowing how their foods are made or process. So why haven't citizens taken care of the obesity problem in America and have put a stop to all these fast food restaurants, who only care about money and not how much damage can be done by the food they sell? As said once by Ray Kroc, "look after the customer and the business will take care of itself". American citizens have lost the view of what America is and what it's supposed to become. Americans are becoming dumber, lazier, and more clueless every day that passes. But citizens are guilty for obesity in America for many other reasons.
             American residents are very demanding about what they think they deserve. The American society has become very inpatient and demanded more of the government daily. Americans demand fruit and vegetables when they're out of season, and that's why most of America's agriculture is genetically modified. American's demand food that's already prepared and ready to just pick up and eat. That's why we have many fast food restaurants that serve toxic meals. Americans believe that bigger is better and that's why fast food industries used to sell supersize meals', till restaurants decided to discontinued them for their personal interest.

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