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The International Criminal Court

            The International Criminal Court should be used for holding individuals and groups accountable for large scale human rights violations against civilians. The establishment of this international court was to provide justice and to protect people from war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes of genocide. The International Criminal Court was created in 1946, and is located in the Peace Palace of the Netherlands. .
             This court allows countries to find justice without biased judgments. The International Criminal Court is responsible for decreased crime rates because it's a powerful means of enforcing laws. .
             One case that was handled in the International Criminal Court was in Darfur, Sudan. A trial was set after the arrest of Omar Al Bashir, who committed five counts of international crime such as murder, extermination, pillaging, forcible transfer, torture, rape, and war crimes against civilians. .
             Three types of genocide crimes were addressed in the case against Omar Al Bashir, such as attacks against the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups. This case caused a major response from the international courts because it has come to a peak where the spread of crimes can grow larger. Justice is needed and people like Omar Al Bashir need to suffer proper punishments for such crimes he committed. Without these laws being enforced criminals would be encouraged to commit more crimes. .
             Every place needs a peacemaker and The International Courts are our peacemakers. People argue that the international courts should not be used for holding individuals accountable for human rights violations because they do not truly care for the people because if they did they would help out the affected people. It would make sense, but the international courts are there for creating peace between states and to help fight cases that affect the people greatly. The states jobs are to pick up after any mess left and too help the people affected by crimes such as genocide and humanity violations because that is their job not the courts.

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