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International Criminal Court

            But while the Milosevic trial is a temporary answer to a specific international war crime, the world wide community in recent times has attempted to establish an global court system. The International Criminal Court, which initially came about in 1998 by way of the Rome Statue, is the first permanent international tribunal that is capable of trying individuals for the most serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws. These violations include genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The ICC has consequently been lauded by many as a giant step toward humanity. Its existence is designed to serve as a deterrent to future tyrants by sending a strong signal that such acts will never be met with impunity. The ICC can impose incarceration of 30 years to a life imprisonment; consistent with international human rights standards, it has no authority to impose a death penalty. And while there are several other international courts, the ICC is noticeably distinct because all other international courts do different jobs or have a limited remit. For instance, the International Court of Justice rules on disputes between governments - it cannot prosecute individuals. The international criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda do try individuals for crimes against humanity, but they are only committed to those territories over a limited time. .
             The United States, however, has come to show distaste for the International Criminal Court. While President Clinton did sign the ICC treaty in December 2000, it was never sent to the Senate for ratification. The current Bush administration objects to the court on a number of grounds. These include the assertion that the ICC does not give American citizens and US military personnel the same protection afforded to them under the US Constitution. Officials say it also does not entitle Americans to the same defense allowed to them under the US legal system.

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