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Cultural Assessment - Thailand and America

            This assessment and personal interview was conducted with a pleasant and well put together female from Bangkok, Thailand. She is friendly and helpful in providing a brief history of her life in Thailand as well as her experiences in America. For this study, I will call her E.S. She provides history on the culture of her land, it's terrain, her personal family's beliefs and health status. This is an assessment performed using my trans-cultural knowledge in order to better understand this culture.
             Description of the Person and Cultural Heritage.
             E.S. has been living in the United States for twelve years, arriving here shortly after her thirty-fifth birthday. She was born in Thailand and prior to moving to America, lived in Bangkok with her parents and two sister's. She now lives in McConnelsville, Ohio. E.S. came to America to get married after meeting her soon to be husband on the Internet. They had corresponded over on-line many times over a period of nearly two years. Her family remains in Thailand, but E.S. has a sister moving here next summer - also marrying a gentleman that she met on-line. .
             E.S.'s cultural definition is Thai and she remains culturally oriented and continues to practice her religion as well as cooking Thai food and listening to her native lands music much of the time. .
             Prior to 1940, her country was named Siam and was a monarchy and military dictators ruled the country until the early 1990's. Thailand is rugged in terrain and approximately 50% of the country is referred to as "Thai's,"" as they are the majority race in Thailand. .
             U.S. Census Data Related to the History of the Person's Ethnic Group in the U.S.
             E.S. reports that she lives in a small rural community and has minimal contact with others of her same culture, however, the US census reports that the Asian population is growing daily in this country. According to the U.S.census bureau reports, the Asian population has increased more than any other group during the last decade, increasing by 43 percent.

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