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Sundance of the Sioux and the Jewish Brit Milah

            The ritual Sundance of the Sioux and the Jewish Brit Milah ceremony could not come from two more different religions, yet both rituals share similarities. Both practices are centered around the physical donation of flesh and binding rituals. The Jewish practice of circumcision is symbolic of binding the physical body to Christ, while the Lakota Sun Dance ritual is a symbol of the renewal of the tribe by learning through the traditions of ancestors. Both practices require a donation of flesh. The Lakota have pledgers who willing sacrifice their flesh for blessings, while Jewish parents sacrifice the flesh of their infant sons to symbolize his unity with their Christ.
             Brit Milah means "the Covenant of Circumcision in Hebrew and is a circumcision that is performed on an eight day old male infant. The ceremony is performed by a mohel, ritual circumciser, and the entire ritual includes a special blessing over a cup of wine, the male child receives his Jewish name, after which a celebratory meal, the seudat mitzah, is undertaken. To the Jewish, circumcision is much more than a than an simple outpatient medical procedure. Circumcision, or Brit Milah, "is considered the sign of a new-born child's entry into the Jewish tradition."" (Schulman 2013).
             The brit employ's sacred time, as it is performed between sunrise and sunset on the eighth day of a male child's birth. Jews base this time according to their scripture which states, "On the eighth day, the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised.""(Zaklikowski2013). According to Zaklikowski, the ritual is performed as early in the morning as possible. This is an effort to emulate Abraham, but if there are going to be many participants the Sages taught that it is acceptable to wait until later in the day; however, it is preferred "to have the ritual circumcision in the synagogue following the morning prayers."" (Zaklikowski 2013). .
             Although it is preferred to perform the ritual in the sacred space of the synagogue, it is acceptable to have it in a hall or family home.

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