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Characteristics of Judaism

            The correspondence of the individual characteristics of a religion are vital in creating a powerful and positive atmospheric ethos. Religion is the faith one puts in a belief in an extraordinary or supernatural power. This belief often explains the origins of the earth and allows humans to make try and make sense of the world. For a religion to live and breath it must must incorporate four main characteristics, sacred texts and writings, ethical teachings, rituals and ceremonies, and central beliefs. Each and every one of these aspects combine and interact to create a powerful and passionate, living faith tradition.Every faith and tradition has a main viewpoint which everybody must respect and acknowledge, in order to truly belong to faith. .
             In the case of my chosen faith Judaism, the sacred texts play are pivotal role in the creation of a dynamic religion. The jewish people are known as 'the people of the book'. This is mainly because of the great importance and emphasis placed on the significance of the sacred texts. Every single Jew is commanded to know the Torah, and the first sentence that a Jewish child is taught is Torah tziva lanu Moshe, morasha kehilath Yaakov ― "Torah was commanded to us through Moses and it is the inheritance of every Jew." Torah was meant for everybody. Sacred texts and priceless sources of the rich Jewish history and divine commandments (the mitzvot). Both these important factors continue to play a dominant part in Judaism. To remember the great things God has done for the Jewish people in history, and what he asks of them in return, selections from the Torah and the Prophets are read in the synagogue several times a week.
             Ethics in Judaism play a pivotal part in the life of all followers and very much outlines the way in which followers of Judaism should live out their daily lives in society. Jews follow an ethical structure based on the power of one God who sets commandments and moral laws which followers must abide by to sustain prosperity.

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