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American Diversity

            In the essay "People Like Us,"" David Brooks, maintains that although America is diverse, it's not diverse enough. He said there is a brick wall of segmentation standing between people. "What I've seen all around the country, is people making strenuous efforts to group themselves with people who are basically like themselves.".
             Brooks believes that the lack of diversity is a negative thing, making people less tolerant and increasing segregation, and often passed on to future generations. But Brooks only looked at America on a small scale, block by block, institution by institution. Gregory Rodriguez in his essay "Mongrel America,"" looks at a larger scale. By focusing on our boarder states, Rodriguez said he can see how much America has changed since our past few decades, through the increase in the number of inter-racial, marriages, immigration, and the minority became majority, etc. He believes that America is diverse, and he thinks that is a good thing (Mong, 90). Therefore, I believe diversity in America is at its zenith, which gives us many benefits such as more open mindedness in society, more equality in terms of education and employment, and the ability to choose friends/ partners based on meaningful connections, rather than race.
             First of all, diversity in America will make people more open minded in society. People nowadays work and play along with each other, despise the fact that they are from different countries, have a different skin color, or speak a different language. The reason why people have changed so much is because we have become more open minded to people around us. We learn how to understand their feelings, and that makes us more tolerant. For example, before, you could rarely find a family of African-American people living in the same neighborhood with white people, or using the same public service, as well as going to the same restaurant. .
             Diversity has broke away the "wall of segmentation, which has been blocking people from melting in to the "Great melting pot of America.

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