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Diversity in the Workplace

            As companies are becoming more diverse and it's becoming very important for companies to understand and manage it. People of different background, races, religion create a diverse workforce. There is an importance of having diverse workforce to provide better performance. There are perspectives of managing the diverse workforce, which require organization leaders and managers to be being responsible for attaining a better diverse workforce. .
             Diversity means differences, difference of age, sex, race, religion and culture etc. People with different demographic differences working in the organization makes a diverse workforce. And it is becoming more important for the organizations to know about these differences and how to manage it. Diversity is also a common issue in the workforce environment. In some companies employees often get discriminated or misunderstood because of the diverse features. .
             So it is important for the companies to manage the diverse workforce to value best performance. The most important aspect these days is to train the managers to handle the diverse workforce. What is the manager's role in handling the diverse workforce? .
             Many organizations are engaging in activities to manage their employees of different genders, ages, race, sexual orientations, etc. When demographic diversity is valued, all employees, even the non-traditional (i.e., other than white males), are encouraged to participate fully and develop their unique skills and perspectives. .
             a) GROWTH: Diversity is increasing everyday in everyday in every organization; In America 1 in 4 Americans belongs to a minority or is foreign-born. Women, who currently make up less than half the work force, are expected to fill 65 percent of the jobs created during this decade. .
             ``Whether you are a business owner, executive, salesperson or customer- service professional, your success will increasingly depend on your ability to function in a culturally diverse marketplace,'' (Profiting in America's Multicultural Marketplace"' Lexington Books) .

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