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North and South Korea Uniting

            Imagine if the United States was divided into two separate countries - a communist nation and a democratic nation. Pretend you lived in the communist part of the nation. There, you would have no freedom or rights. The economy results in poverty. It has a reputation for nuclear weapons, violence, discrimination, and exceptional cruelty against people who don't believe in communism. People from the democratic nation, on the other hand know very well about these issues. When the subject of "reunification" comes up, many scratch their heads and ask selfish questions about how much "re-unification" can bring to them. .
             Rhetorically speaking, this is the current situation of North and South Korea right now. As tensions between South and North Korea have greatly risen since death of the former leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-Il, his son, Kim Jong-Eun, successfully took over the power in place. Does change of the leadership in North Korea indicate the reunification of two countries in the predictable future? Or is it still an impractical dream to capture one's mind to foresee two Korea's finally reuniting? .
             As a South Korean, it's always a blemish to identify myself as a South Korean every time and furthermore, it's such an irony to see my home country divided. Having the two countries separated, it gives me heavy feeling to discuss about the "worth" of Korean reunification. As I wonder, it's somewhat unpatriotic behavior to even trying to justify myself from statistically thinking about the outcome of reunification when it should be considered as a necessary thing to happen in the first place.
             But as truth can be so brutal sometimes, not everyone in South Korea is fully supportive with an idea of reunification. At least as far as I know, there are many Koreans that don't like to see it happening in the near future. That being said, I feel dreadful to see posts in Korean forums that sometimes make me go nuts reading about blemishing subjects that often end up in a flaming war regarding how Koreas should never be reunited.

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