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The Radical American Revoloution

            Prior to the French and Indian war, the American colonies had successfully transformed .
             themselves into the world's most democratically progressive region. Radical is a term which can .
             generally be described as any major event, movement, or action, which severely alters social, .
             political or economic reforms, as a revolution can be described as an abolishment of social order .
             or government, with the intention of creating a new system. Any revolution is expected to greatly .
             impact the economy, political system and society as well as the nation's ideological state of mind. .
             In terms of the America Revolution, it can be argued that the nature of the Revolution was in fact as radical as any other. The year 1775 marked the start of the American Revolution, during which time; America was desperate for freedom, change and the detachment from the rule of Great Britain. Factors such as trade, taxes and power, greatly influenced the colonist's decision to pursue this change. In order to determine the extent of just how radical the America revolution truly was, it is crucial to consider the motivating ideological and social movements, as well as the pre-conditions leading up to the start of a revolutionary war, and the strong yearning for freedom.
             The stamp tax uproar led to the issue of "no taxation without representation" and the Boston tea party, a rebellious act in protest, to the taxes which the British levied upon the American colonies. Republicanism, which represented the desire of the Americans to isolate themselves from the British monarchy, led to the declaration of America's independence. Finally the Committees of Correspondence and the passing of the intolerable acts also played significant roles in leading up to the revolutionary changes of the colonies. The American Revolution was a radical movement, which supported the actions and ideas that ultimately assist the notion that the responsibility of the government, was to support the people.

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