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Finding Your Way Across the Food Desert

             In this paper, I'll be analyzing the concept of food deserts and its causes, and how it affects poor food choice. A food desert is an area in which there is a lack of healthy foods for the residents of the community. It is mostly considered an area that lacks fruits and vegetables, but some scholars also consider the lack of dairy products and proteins. Food deserts takes into consideration most of the foods and nutrients necessary for a healthy and balanced diet. I found that the reality is that there cannot be just one variable to blame for food deserts. A food desert is created when we add a variety of ingredients (variables) together. Food choice is greatly affected by a lack of options but food deserts should also consider the differences in peoples' age, sex, culture, neighborhood crime rates, resources, and their general attitudes toward certain foods. .
             Public Health is an issue that affects us all. Society as whole is unhealthy if even the smallest part of the population is being put in harm's way in terms of personal health. One of the main problems that affect many communities, especially this with low income, is living in a food desert. People are put in a situation in which they need to obtain that which may seem unobtainable to them. Health food allows for a healthy life style but limited access to healthy foods can mean that people are substituting these with unhealthy alternatives. They many not notice it but the unhealthy alternatives may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and in some of the more severe cases, even death. The first step to finding a solution for such a harmful public health problem, is identifying the problem thoroughly and finding as many possible causes.
             Food Deserts.
             Many areas in the United States suffer from a phenomena known as food deserts. Food deserts is described as a situation in which there is a lack of healthy or nutritious foods in local supermarkets and food stores.

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