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The Horse and His Boy

             from the series: The Chronicles of Narnia.
             This is a tale of a horse and his boy and how they traveled to a mystical land called Narnia. Being chased by lions, meeting new people, and finding one's true identity is what a boy named Shasta discovered is his great adventure.
             One day Shasta was working when a man, a Tarkaan, came upon him and his father, Arsheesh, and demanded shelter and food from them. Bree the Tarkaan's horse said to Shasta, "I come from a land where talking animals roam and everyone is free. It is ruled by two kings and two queens who are very generous." Also, Bree persuaded Shasta to join him and escape to Narnia. At this Shasta could not wait to do so they set out at once to the great adventure they were about to begin.
             Once they left and were traveling for a few days they were chased by lions and another talking horse and a girl were being chased at the same time. Their names were Hwin, the horse, and Aravis, the girl. They began to travel together and when they reached a city called Tasbaan they had to disguise themselves as peasants. The reason they had to do this was because Aravis had escaped this city and she did not want anyone to recognize her. Her step mother was forcing her to marry a man she did not love. So one day she decided to kill herself with a dagger, but just in the knick of time Hwin spoke up and told her not to do this because it was not worth it. She continued to hold the dagger up to her chest when Hwin told her of Narnia and all of its riches. She decided to travel with the horse to Narnia and the rest of her life behind.
             When they had entered Tashbaan Shasta was mistaken for someone else. In a crowd of people, and at the same time a parade was going on, Shasta was snatched by a man. He brought him to a castle where he met two of the king and queens of Narnia, King Edmund and Queen Lucy. They were discussing to escape from Tashbaan.

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