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The Rocking Horse Winner

             The element I am focussing on is the state of mind of the key characters.
             story, it is plain to see the author is indicating there is a deeper meaning underlying than trying to.
             obtain luck.
             In the dramatic DH Lawrence writing of the Rocking Horse Winner, the deep underlying.
             problems surround a very mentally disturbed boy named Paul. The story's success hinges on the.
             author's establishing the psychological problems of a young boy, stemming from the point that the.
             boy must prove he has luck so his mother will love him.
             In this short story, we meet a 20th century family from England, who lived in style, yet were.
             unhappy. Lawrence writes about self-serving, addiction of greed driven characters with deep.
             emotional problems. The characters fail to see the self destruction of the child. The story is.
             written in a omniscient point of view. The author's point of view gives you the impression when.
             you start to read the story that luck and the rocking horse is the focal point of the story. But as.
             you read deeper into the story the dysfunctional family characteristics come to life. There are.
             disturbing underlying psychological problems attached for the need to have luck. The house was.
             haunted with whispers "There must be more money! There must be more money!" The children.
             could hear it aloud but never dared to say. Paul had a conversation with his mother about luck. .
             She tells him his father is a very unlucky man, and she can not be lucky being married to him. .
             Paul told his mother he had luck, but knew she did not believe him. The seed of rejection has.
             been planted into Paul's mind. This has caused him to create a psychological fantasy world bond.
             with his rocking horse. This bond is deep and driven by the need for luck to please his mother. .
             The whispers of the house are haunting him deeper and deeper into a crazed state of mind. His.
             comfort is found in the rocking horse without rejection.
             The need to keep up appearances at all costs and having no luck has been the focal point of Paul's.

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