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The Rocking-Horse Winner

             Every human being desires to rise in life or society; it's how we get there that determine .
             our consequences, Greed has no boundaries with social inequality, however the innocent pay the .
             maximum price. Once goals are accomplished, who's to say if the craving is satisfied? People are .
             never happy with what they have, it's human nature. The more one gets the more one wants. .
             Greed is powerful, and easy to submit to. In this story, Hester, the mother symbolizes greed in .
             middle class society. "She married for love, and the love turned to dust. She had bonny children, .
             yet she felt they had been thrust upon her, and she could not love them" (225). The quote creates .
             an image of how cold the mother is towards her children. Hester stopped respecting and loving her .
             husband, once he was unable to provide her with all her extravagant taste. Hester blames their .
             financial failure to her "unlucky" husband. The situation made her grow bitter. Hester's priorities; .
             obviously not the children but her greed, has made her unable to display any affection toward the .
             children. The mother and father, selfish and indifferent regarding the children, leaving them to a .
             nanny's care and having little to deal with the children. Hester's worries are to uphold the family's .
             social position, to acquire more money to hide her inadequacies. It's fair to say few mothers" stay .
             home with there children. One can get caught up with society, and succumb to it. What of the .
             children, no parent's around means; daycares, after school programs, and babysitters. Little by .
             little pushing children away, as an obstacle to greediness. All for what, a bigger house and fancier .
             car. Deprive the innocent to indulge on greed. Children feeling abandon, attention and affection .
             replaced by materialistic objects, knowing only mother and father are working to get more money. .
             "Although they lived in style, they felt always an anxiety in the house.

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