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a rocking horse point of view

             ?The Rocking-horse Winner? is a story based on a child who needed to be lucky. Throughout the story different point of view techniques were used which made the story much more believable and interesting. The author used these techniques often, and to great affect. All the different point of view elements make this story a better one in the end. Without these elements the story would not be complete.
             The narrator does not get involved at all in this story. Which fits it well, that way you get the true story not just what the narrator feels is important. Because the narrator is unobtrusive, you get the true story and a non-biased view.
             Shifting to a dramatic presentation adds more action as well as some confusion. This happened a few times where there was very little narrative commentary. Since this can get confusing as to who is speaking, narration is necessary after awhile. So switching back to narrative can help calm the story down. One example of this is on page 289. Paul and his uncle are having a long conversation. This got the story moving and added some action. This ended up becoming confusing as to who was speaking. It this switched to narrative which helped break up the long conversation. .
             The shift of conscious happened at a few times during the story. One prime example of this is when the centre of consciousness switched from Paul to his mother, Hester. The effect of this was a good one because you began to feel what the mother felt as she could sense something was wrong. The focus switched to Hester, the mood changed from calm to anxious and excited. This was a really good effect because it helped lead up to the ending. This was one of a few shifts which were well executed by the author.
             ?Charging madly? andWhisper?. These words hint as to what the story is about which is a haunting. The author uses these conventions frequently and in an effective way in the storyThe Rocking-Horse Winner?.

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