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             The word Dada simply means rocking horse in its native tongue. But over the past century it has taken on a whole new meaning. In Zurich, Switzerland, 1916, the chance meeting of a collection of young artists sparked a group we know today as Dada. Most were young men retreating to neutral Switzerland during World War I. After meeting, they collaborated to develop a style of organized chaos that would be imaginative, and convey a message. .
             The Dada movement's artists took many shapes. Every media available was used. Paintings, periodicals, and flyers were all commonly used. There are no set rules to Dada, only that when reading it your audience should have to think; they should have to try and piece together the puzzle that you have created in order to understand your message. .
             The Dada style is a great tool from an advertising point of view. It forces your reader to pay full attention to your newspaper ad, poster, or flyer, and unscramble your idea. This makes a message your reader won't soon forget. .
             Many materials were often incorporated into paintings and works. Newspaper and Magazine were frequently shaped and pasted to form an untidy appearance, while photo montages were constructed to give them depth and an other worldly look. When color could be used it was often for disorienting purposes. .
             Dada was started in Eastern Europe but it soon spread to all of the continent and later to Russia and America. Adolph Hitler him self was said to enjoy going to Dada galleries.

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