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mordern art

            Dada and expressionism were two art movements which arose during war times. They arose when artists responded to the injustices of the war. They both wanted mordern art more freedom of expression.They both introduced new approaches to experimentation to art. Their works were both bold, spontaneous and shocked the artworld plus challenged the past. Among some of the dada artist's are Jean Arp perhaps the most gifted of them all, Kurt Schwitter's, and photomontagist Hannah hoch. Among the expressionist Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock one of the leader's of abstract expressionism.
             Some critic's argue that dada work was in fact nonsense and not really a movement in art. It was later was to encounter resistance through out the world. But it did served a purpose by changelling traditional approaches to artmaking and served as a bridge to the surrealist movement. It also pushed social and political message's.
             Dada arose out of the confusion, when there was a cultural revolt by artist's against what they saw as the declining state of society due to the war.In 1916 dadaism was born at the cabaret Voltare. " A centre for artistic entertainment"Among the first contributers were Hugo Ball, Rumaian painter Marcel Janco, Tristan Tzara a German writer , Richard Hulsenbeck, Jean Arp from Alsace and Hans Richter. It's proponents came from all parts of Europe and the Unitied states. The dadaists were not content to make art they wanted to affect all aspects of western civilization. They were not interested in writing books and painting pictures which a public would admire. In a uninvolved manner, rather they aimed to provoke the public into reacting to their activities. For them a negative reaction was better than a passive acceptance. As Ball,Hugo express's his view "that is humiliating age has not succedding in winning our respect".They wanted to open the way to a new art,mordern art and a new society by undermining and emposing what they saw a state cultural conventions of a decayed European civilization.

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