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Dadaism & Surrealism

            The modern world has become filled with brilliant designs of art, which are now very influential to viewers of every age. Today's television programs are filled with elaborate special effects and designs that create a sense of wonder as they are seen. Diverse artwork has been present in the world for hundreds of years but was never fully appreciated for the beauty that they beheld. Until recent years, this form of art was rejected, but is now in many television programs and especially in the music videos of today. Dadaism & Surrealism has helped to educate and shape the way people today view art and has led to a new form of expression in the modern world. .
             Surrealism is art without direct meaning, which doesn't always portray the beautiful aspects of Earth, but instead show truth in a hidden form. It literally means, "Super-realism, implies a greater reality underlying the world of appearances." (William, Flemming, Arts & Ideas, 6th Edition, Syracuse New York, pp 424). When surrealism was in the early stages, it was rejected because it reflected the truth of an unhappy life and wasn't filled with what the public felt should be shown. As human education evolved, they began to notice what surrealism was all about and began to demand more and more. However, this was not possible without the Dada movement.
             Dada was an art movement that sprang up in Zurich Switzerland roughly around 1916. It emerged largely in response to the atrocities and insanity, "the disillusion, defeatism, and insane butchery of World War 1" (William, Flemming, Arts & Ideas, 6th Edition, Syracuse New York, pp 423) and wanting to find, and experiment with new forms of expression attempting to revive the creative act. .
             In 1914 Switzerland, was a neutral country during World War 1, as a result of this it found itself being refuge for many different people trying to escape the war in their homelands. Many of these people were conscientious objectors to the war, some being artists.

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