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Alex Jordan

             Alex Jordan was truly a unique man with a clear vision and dream. During the 1940's in Wisconsin's very own Wyoming Valley Alex Jordan, a known visionary discovered a sixty-foot sandstone chimney rock, which was called Deer Shelter Rock. Alex Jordan, wanting a secluded retreat for him, decided to build a house on top of Deer Shelter Rock. This retreat is now known all over the world as The House on the Rock. Jordan's retreat was never intended to become a tourist attraction, however soon after construction was completed people from all over the world flooded to catch a glimpse at the architectural wonder. Jordan soon found it necessary to charge an admission for all whom wished to see the retreat due to the large amount of people who came from all over the world just to see what they had been hearing so much about. It was then that Jordan decided that he wanted to entertain visitors with his architectural wonder. Jordan was not only an architect; he was also a great collector. He was a collector who dreamt of creating something so much more than a museum. He wanted something more interactive, livelier, and more magical to house his growing museum quality collections. The original House on the Rock had fourteen rooms, and it is now an extraordinary complex of rooms, streets, buildings, and gardens, which covers over two hundred acres. This report will cover some of the main parts of the house. Some parts are original, while other parts have been added on throughout the years.
             The Infinity Room.
             Alex Jordan had been planning the Infinity Room for forty years before the construction of it began in 1984. Jordan's original plans had the Infinity Room beaming made out of wood and extending out approximately only 65 feet. When the Infinity Room was finally completed, it was constructed from steel and protruded out, without support a total of 140 feet. With support the Infinity Room protrudes out a total of 218 feet.

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