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Basketball vs. Baseball

             Basketball and baseball are two of the most popular sports in America. People in America play these sports for very good reasons. The reasons are explained by two major similarities that both these exciting sports share. Their likeness sets them apart from the rest and makes them superior and more fun to play. Although both sports are relatively popular to other sports due to these two major similarities, basketball, the most popular sport in urban cities, is significantly more popular because of two differences that set them apart. .
             Basketball is much less of a hassle to play than baseball. There is almost no equipment for basketball other than the ball itself. It's just a matter of finding a basket or a court to play on, which is not hard these days. You can wear just about any type of athletic shoes to play basketball safely. Basketball courts are very common, and people everywhere are looking for pick up games. Without a doubt, the ease of getting a basketball game started is a major factor in making it more popular.
             Baseball on the other hand is not so easy to get started. The equipment list for baseball is overwhelming and all necessary. You need bats, gloves, helmets, bases, balls, cleats, and all sorts of protective wear. Most importantly, you need a large number of people to play a standardized game of baseball. While Basketball courts are everywhere, baseball fields are not. Often times they are reserved for leagues and not open to the public. You won't ever find people waiting at baseball fields to find pick up games. If you"re going to start a game, you better make sure you get all the people you need. The nature of baseball is what makes it such a hassle to get started and thereby making it significantly less popular than basketball. .
             Basketball is obviously a much better respiratory sport and a better exercise. You just don't stand around in basketball as long as you"re into the game.

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