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compare and contrast essay

             In high school, the most enjoyable part of one's Friday nights will somehow include football games and basketball games. Football and basketball are almost always recognized as the most important sports to a school. On game day, the football players wear their jerseys, the basketball team wears their ties, and the principal even offers his invitation to each student over the intercom. As one can see, great emphasis is put on these two sports. If one was to compare and contrast football to basketball, he/she would find many similarities, as well as differences. .
             Everyone thinks of football as the "tough man" sport. Everyone thinks that if a person plays basketball, then he/she is "skilled." Contrary to what spectators may think, these two sports take effort by the players. This is one thing that football and basketball have in common. Both of these sports are team sports, because it takes every person on the team to score a touchdown or make a basket. Not one person is alone out there on the field or court and has to do all of the work himself/herself. To make the plays happen, each member of the team has to work together to achieve his/her goals. Teamwork is extremely important if the team wishes to have a successful season. .
             Another similarity is that both sports have an offense and a defense. The offense on a football or basketball team is the players that score the touchdowns or shoot the baskets. Defense, on the other hand, is the players that try not to allow the other team to score. Offense and defense takes strategy. Strategy is a key factor, because no one on the other team knows exactly what he/she is up against. .
             Each sport has a team leader. The team leader is said to be the "coach on the field." This means that he/she is to take responsibility for what the other athletes do, and he/she also instructs the athletes. On a basketball team, the team leader is called the point guard.

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