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Essay Writing in Theory of Knowledge

             • Explain and comment on the following passage by Sir Arthur Eddington. In your essay, indicate how the attitude of the speaker might be true in areas outside the physical sciences.
             The implications of the short passage must be discussed in relation to the analogy of areas of knowledge in general and the net of the ichthyologist. Although the metaphor should not be over examined, it is appropriate to discuss observation as the net, ocean as knowledge, and the ichthyologist's generalizations as any knower's generalization made from his facts. With the general theme of the analogy elaborated, specific examples from different areas of knowledge should be compared and contrasted to support and critique the analogy. Furthermore, the argument from opponents and the refutation from the ichthyologist should be viewed in light of any field of knowledge to demonstrate the limitations of observational research and how perspectives may create validation of ideas by ipso facto.
             • "When you look for truth, do not use your eyes, but look inside yourself, for there lies truth." Discuss this advice from the point of view of the scientist and the artist, and from your own personal experience.
             As any question with a quote, is it necessary to discuss the implications of the quote and to expand potential knowledge issues associated with it. Arguments for and against the quote should be discussed briefly as to establish an overarching theme of the essay. The main argument of the essay should be a compare and contrast between science and art in terms of the quote. Examples from each of these fields should present both support and opposition to the idea that truth lies within. A key issue that should be discussed in terms of both areas of knowledge is the relationship between personal reason and one's perception of the universe. Finally, an excerpt of personal experience relevant to the idea of truth should be presented and discussed in terms of the quote and in relation to science and art.

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