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Compare Contrast essay

             The human brain performs an incredible number of tasks. The cerebral cortex is the part of our brain which houses rational functions. It is divided into two halves, the right and left hemispheres. They are connected by a thick band of nerve fibers, which sends messages back and forth between the two parts. Usually there is one side that is more dominant.
             The left hemisphere controls the right side of our body. About 95 percent of us use this side for language, math, judging time and rhythm, and coordinating the order of complex movements. It is also involved with the breaking down of information into parts. It processes information in order, one item after the next. The focus of the left brain is on one thing at a time, and on the smaller details. Analytical people use the left side more.
             Opposite of this is the right hemisphere, which controls the left side of the body. It is good at perceptual skills, such as recognizing patters, faces, and melodies, putting puzzles together, and drawing pictures. This side helps to express our emotions and read what other people may be feeling. You get an overall view of patterns, and general connections. Unlike the left side, it is more global focusing on the big picture, not just the small details. Most musicians and artists use the left side of their brain more. .
             Both hemispheres are involved in nearly every activity we do. We need both sides to process information, and to coordinate both sides of our body. Even though some tasks may make use of one side or the other, most activities we do require both of them to share the work. Each part does what it does best and then passes the information on to the other to do what it does the best. A smart brain is one that grasps both the details and the overall picture at the same time. This is why the brain is so incredible, and sets us apart from all the other species in the world. .

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