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A True Winner

             On Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea.
             Abstract: Ernest Hemingway, a famous American writer, is considered as one of the most important and outstanding writers of the 20th century in the world. This essay is to deal mainly with the writing techniques of The Old Man and the Sea as well as the character about the main hero, aiming to help the readers get a better understanding of the masterpiece by Hemingway.
             Key words: Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea, true winner.
             Ernest Hemingway (1898-1961) is regarded as a 20th century's important and outstanding writer in the world. On July 21, 1898 he was born at Oak Park, Illinois. In his childhood, influenced by his parents, he was interested in hunting, fishing, pictures, music and so on.
             His variety of interests especially the love of fishing almost followed all his life and had important influences on his writing inspiration, and helped to develop his special personality. He loved taking adventures. He experienced two world wars. At the age of 26, he produced The Sun Also Rises to achieve his own position in American literature. The book deals with the living attitude of the postwar generation especially those who thought that life was nothing and meaningless, and Hemingway became a representative of the "Lost Generation".
             Hemingway often chooses war and its effects on people or contests such as hunting and bullfighting which demand stamina and courage as subject matter in his writing. He is not a person who always follows the trend but a sharp observer because he believes that "If a writer stops his observation, he is nothing."
             •Ù It is constant observing that developed Hemingway's way of thinking and continued to inspire his excellent writing, and helped to build up his strong character. His striking personality embodies in the characters portrayed in his works. The main hero in The Old Man and the Sea, which is a well-know book, shows fully Hemingway's psychological struggle in time of difficulty.

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