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Rocking Horse Winner

            In "The Rocking-Horse Winner", Paul can be seen as a messianic figure, because he appears to become close to God when he rocks back and forth on his rocking-horse, and saves the house.
             This book has other religious references as well. Paul rides a rocking horse to become close to god, whereas the biblical figure of Saul/Paul was riding a horse into Damascus when he he encountered and became close to god. other references to this are the fact that the writer makes note of Paul's eyes, which in the bible.
             Saul is struck blind briefly by god. "his eyes had a strange glare in them" (351) shows a change in the boy from talking to god, just as Saul changed when he talked to god, by changing his name and his attitude. "He would speakto nobody when he was in full tilt" (351) Paul rocks back and forth in order to communicate with god. In the late 1800's a religious group called the movers and shakers thought that by rocking back and forth and moving and jittering they could communicate directly with god. which could be true because of in the story Paul mentions that god talked to him,.
             " "well, anyhow", he said stoutly, "I'm a lucky person." "Why?" said his mother, with a sudden laugh. "God told me" he asserted, brazening it out. " (350). .
             In this story we can see that a rocking-horse can be used as a religious tool. Paul uses the rocking-horse a lot like catholics would use a rosary to pray with. .
             This story also shows Paul as a messianic figure by portraying him as almost being christ like. Paul is growing up in poverty, Jesus grew up in poverty. Paul dies while attempting to get the race winner to save his families house, Where as Jesus died to save mankind. Paul's uncle and the gardner were rewarded for listening to him, where as Christians are spiritually rewarded for listening to Jesus. Paul had unconditional love for his mother, Jesus had unconditional love for everyone and god. Paul sacrificed himself for his family, Jesus sacrificed himself for mankind.

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