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The Rocking Horse Winner

            "The Rocking-Horse Winner- is a short story written by D. This is a story about a young boy, Paul, who is desperately searching for luck and money in order to please his unhappy mother. In the end this search leads to Paul's untimely death. I wonder if his mother is satisfied with the fortune the family gained in replace of Paul's life lost? We will explore how the key symbols of this story relate to and reinforce its theme: no matter how hard one tries they will not give up.
             Paul's family's house is a settled yet very important symbol that helps convey this theme. The house was first introduced to be a rather "pleasant- place to live. It had a "garden- and the family had a feeling of being "superior to anyone in the neighbourhood."" Any child would love to grow up in such a place, and Paul and his two sisters did. However, the "whispering- of the "unspoken phrase- began coming from the "rocking-horse- and behind "the smart doll's house."" The mother's obsession with becoming "lucky,"" her interpretation of luck is money, would drive the "unspoken phrase- of "There must be more money, there must be more money,"" to haunt the house forever. As a nave, young boy Paul wants to relieve his mother of the so-called dissatisfaction that she possesses. In a conversation between Paul and his mother, Paul learns from his mother that "It's [luck] what causes you to have money."" In hence Paul strives for luck at the horse racing tracks and drives himself to not give up until he "knows- who the winner is, which was a element that contributed to his death.
             Throughout the story the author emphasized many times on Paul's "big blue eyes,"" which reflects on his determination to never giving up. As a child, the body and soul are filled with so much eagerness about life and learning that nothing can stand in their way of being excited. Paul always had his "big blue eyes- glaring at his surroundings, especially when he was riding on his rocking horse.

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