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analysis of The Rocking Horse Winner

            David Herbert Lawrence wrote many important stories. In several of his stories he uses symbolism, secrecy, and sexuality in families. In the story "The Rocking-Horse Winner" he mostly used symbolism in the whole story. The story has a very significant part to demonstrate how the parents are bad to their children. In this story the Lawrence describes the surroundings in sight, smell, noise and physical sense whereas The Rocking Horse Winner is only using a little sight, a little noise and emotional sense. He used many different objects to be symbolizes. Some symbols that might define as lucky and money are used in the story are the following: Lawrence background, signs of symbolism, fascination of money, and .
             Although Paul is just a young boy, he is curious and realizes that his Mother and Father keep secrets from each other and his Mother quite bitterly but finely tells her son that she does not love his Father.
             The houses came to be haunted by the unspoken phrase "there must be more money" continually because the Mother and Father lived a lavish lifestyle but were unable to fund this habit without money worries; they struggle to maintain their position. This money, as everyone knows, will bring happiness, security, and success. For every time the exact phrase was heard the boy struggles to find an answer for it, so he always goes to his room and rides his rocking wooden horse. Paul rides a rocking-horse, until something somehow tells him the winner of a horse race.

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