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Analysis of D.H. Lawrence

            Out of all the stories that we have read in class, I have chosen to analyze "The Rocking-Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence because of the relation of the story and my home life. My family, especially my father's side has a history of gambling. My father and his brothers all depend on luck and superstition when gambling. My mother is the backbone of our family, she and I are the only one's who work, she does not gamble and neither do I, but we both work to keep the family together. My mother sort of resembles Paul's mother in the story because my mother really cares for our family even though it looks like she does not. I feel I can relate to Paul because even though I do not gamble I try to help relieve my mother's stress by working and paying bills. .
             D.H. Lawrence's "The Rocking-Horse Winner," is a story about a boy's attempt to buy his mother's love. The story represents the effects of greed, secrecy, consequence and the relationship between a mother and son. Materialism and money are key elements in the plot of the story. The story also explores the awakening and change of innocence of a boy to his obsession with winning to attain his mother's love.
             Paul is the main character of the story; he is a regular boy who does not understand his surrounding environment. His family is materialistic; Lawrence proves this to us by describing how furnished the home is and how expensive the mother's tastes are. However Paul's family is not financially sustained to keep living the way they are. Materialism is the demon of the home and the source of where the voices come from. This is symbolized by the phrase, "There must be more money!" The voices are also a symbol of the supernatural because only the children can hear it. These voices are one of the key factors that drive Paul to make money for the home. .
             The voices bother Paul, which leads to a conversation between the boy and the mother of why their family is not rich.

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