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The Importance of Competition

            Nowadays, competition is one of the most important elements that are indispensable in lifetime of everyone. Competition teaches people to realize what they need to improve, how they can overcome failure. In "When kids start playing to win" by Cory Turner, the writer wants to say that winning or losing is not a big deal. The main point is what we learn from our experience. And Kohn with "Fun & Fitness without competition" illustrated competition destroys our self-esteem and poisons relationship, either winning or losing in your life, it depends on the way you approach them and how you learn from them.
             When it comes to children's games, playing games matters more than winning. But some healthy competition is good for children. Turner explained what competition means to the age around five through Vince Lombardi – the football legend and former coach of the Green Bay Packers. Lombardi said: "Winning isn't everything, but it's the only thing." Anytime you win in the first game, that is only thing makes you get more motivation for the second game. All kids start thinking about competition around that age and they want to win all the time. Winning is a great feeling and kids are entitled to experience pride in being the winner. But "Don't focus on winning." Turner said. "Don't try to cut winning out entirely. Adjusts just have to help them find the balance between winning and improving." However, children sometimes can be a loser unavoidably in a game, this is not a too bad for them to gain skills, knowledge to help them get better in a next game. As long as they know what makes them fail, what mistakes they made. After all, children can learn things from their mistakes and improve themselves. Normally, we are not supported to learn much from winning, instead we must get more skills from failure. .
             "Fun & Fitness without competition" by Alfie Kohn, his writing seems to me as the individual that struggled in physical competition and it somewhere bled over into all competition, physical or academic.

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