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Become a winner

            The dictionary difine winner as "achieving victory over others in a competition, receiving a prize or reward for achievement". Some of the most meaniful achievements of my life were victories over no other person. I can remember winning when thete was no prize for performance. To me, winnig means overcoming obstaclen in high school, in college, and inmy personal life.
             My first experience of winning accured in high school. Although I loved reading about biology, I could not bring myself to dissect a frog in lab. I hated the smell of dead animals, and the idea of cuting open disgusted me. Every time I tried, my hands woulkd shake and my stomach would turn. After a couple of weeks, I decided to get a hold of myself. I realized that I was overreacting. "The animals are already dead", I told myself. With determination I got over my fear of dead animals and it made me a winner.
             Considering the fact that I am now attending college makes me a winner. To get here, I had to overcome many obstacles, both outside and inside myself. College costs money, and I do not have much of it. College takes time, and I do not have much of that either. But I overcome these obstacles and here I am, winning.
             In my personallife I hadthe biggest challenge. I had to overcome many obstacles to come to the United States of America. I had to adapt to a different culture. I had to learn a new language and adapt to a new system of life. I had toovercome my lack of confidencein myself. I had to keep saying, "I wont give up" and I can make it. I have won again.
             These example should clarify what winning means to me. I do not trust anything that comes too easily.In fact, I expect the road to be rocky, and I appreciate a win more if I have to work, sacrifice, and overcome. This is a positive drive for me, the very spirit of winning.

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