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The Leadrhsip of Rupert Murdoch

             This research paper conducts an analysis on the leadership of Rupert Murdoch - a successful and powerful business magnate in the media sector. Rupert Murdoch's leadership traits are demonstrated as his social status, adventurous spirit, a well-rounded perspective and an aggressive, "can do" attitude. The leadership style of Rupert Murdoch is defined as charismatic leadership, supportive leadership, directive leadership and transformational leadership. Moreover, his successful career, his great influence to thousands and his personality traits could be implemented very successfully in the hospitality industry.
             Table of Contents.
             News Corporation is a multinational, American mass media corporation. Rupert Murdoch is the main shareholder and Chief Executive and his family has control of 30% if the company's shares. November 12, 2004, after the agreed by the majority of shareholders, the company headquarters from Australia to Adelaide, relocated to the United States to Delaware, restructured into News Corporation. Fortune Global 500 list No. 332 (Fortune 500 2011). News Corp's core business covers from the production and distribution of films, television programs, TVB and cable TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, book publishing, to digital broadcasting, encryption and program management systems development. News Corp. owns the 20th Century Fox Studios, United Kingdom Sky Broadcasting, and other media.
             Rupert Murdoch is one of the most successful and abandoned entrepreneurs in the world. He is depicted as a ruthless manager by the enormous powers. And recent hacking scandal seemed to confirm his unethical attitude of suspicion. Moreover, his success is indisputable: today his company, News Corporation, is the world's second-largest entertainment company. There is a common expression, " in Rupert Murdoch's empire the sun never sets " (Greenwald, R., & Kitty, A. 2005), to indicate the size and his business is spreading all over the world.

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