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Elizabeth Cady Stanton and The Declaration of Sentiments

            In 19th century America, many women were determined to fight for their rights, and writer Elizabeth Cady Stanton was no exception. Elizabeth Stanton worked with Susan B. Anthony in the women's rights movement and formed the National Women's Suffrage Association in 1869 and was the first president of the association until 1890. .
             What was the purpose of the Declaration of Sentiments?.
             The Declaration of Sentiments was organized to uphold the rights of women to be equal to those of men. Before the Declaration of Sentiments was written, women had to go through many legal inequalities, with consequences that men, under similar circumstances, would not need to endure. .
             What did the Declaration of Sentiments include?.
             Within the Declaration of Sentiments were grievances, which explained their reasoning on why they want to fight the inequality against all women. These women were unable to vote, and was forced to obey all laws whether they were right or unjust. They had no power to voice out their opinions. If the woman was married, she technically gave away her rights as a citizen; including all rights to property and her wages. Their husband was their master and has complete power to deprive their liberty and punish if necessary. The divorce laws favored all men such as custody of the children. Men also have the privilege to take all the better jobs. Women were paid little for the jobs that were available to them. They were not allowed to go to college, and was excluded from society. Being excluded from society, men tried to destroy women's self-confidence and self-respect, forcing them to be fully dependent and submissive to their husbands. .
             How was it part of a larger reform era in 19th century America?.
             Most movements such as the temperance, abolitionism, and suffrage were all aiming to reform for the same purpose. Their purpose of the reform was to fix their communities in order to make it better.

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