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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

            If I were given the opportunity to be anyone for a day, I would have to say, " Set the time machine for the year 1870!". One person in this period revolutionized social structure and society"s view of women. Elizabeth Cady Stanton's struggle with women's rights began with her sister's birth. In the midst of the excitement, confusion overwhelmed her as she heard her mother say, "What a pity it is she's a girl!". Another influence to her lifetime struggle would be her brother's death. Elizabeth clinged onto her father as he cried, "Oh my daughter, I wish you were a boy!". She tearfully promised to be all her brother was. While striving to fulfill her promise Elizabeth realized that she should not be obligated to replace her brother's worth. She should be able to build her own journey without limitations based on gender-affiliated stereotypes and injustices.
             Stanton is an icon that reminds us that it only takes one person to begin a life altering reform. Stanton surpassed adversity to pioneer a movement. There is no doubt in my mind that the women's rights movement would not have occurred without Elizabeth's perseverance. In 1876 as vice president Thomas Ferry stood before American citizens reading the Declaration of Independence, Elizabeth, enraged by their denial to present the president with the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments, uninvitingly walked to the platform and handed the document. This daring maneuver generates a veneration within me. Her determination was so strong that she lost perception of all fear and decorous nature to react spontaneously. Eventually, she realized that despite her diligent effort she would not see women vote within her lifetime. Even so, she never gave in. Her continuance of the women's rights effort while aware that she would gain nothing from her pleas illustrates her selfless passion.
             It was 1870 when Stanton joined a lecture circuit that spoke to small groups about women's rights.

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