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Plan B - The Morning After Pill

            The United States Department of Health and Human Services along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency authorized the highly controversial 'morning-after pill' or most commonly known as Plan B available to without prescription to adolescent girls from ages 15 and older accessible as over the counter medication. The process was neither an easy nor smooth as the FDA spent several years wrangling prior to the pill being approved. Moreover, it needed additional three years plus for Congress to enact a legislative measure to ensure this medication, Plan B 'morning-after' pill made available accordingly. Later on, a highly controversial judicial ruling amended regulation in addition to accessibility of Plan B. .
             The ruling called for provision to have Plan B available to all girls regardless of their age without prior prescription. This court ruling became the center of political debate center stage nationwide as well at home for many parents. Many practitioners and agencies alike measure its many advantages and disadvantages. It is important to note that the Plan B 'morning-after' pill can help prevent unwanted pregnancies if the girl takes it within 72 hours after sexual intercourse. Nonetheless, both camps size up both sides of the arguments, the pros as well as the cons up to the judicial decree and Congress' approval.
             According to Perspectives on Sexual and Reproduction Health, the academic journal published that "Levonorgestrel Emergency Contraception Pill was developed and promoted as a back-up method to reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancy. However, it not as effective as non-emergency contraception and is not designed to be used on the regular basisThis method became available in United States back in 1999 by prescription only." (Melton, et. al.) On November 2007, the Journal of Nursing Law points out the use of Plan B:.
             The mechanism and action of Plan B is to delay of ovulation, interference with the ability of sperm to reach an egg, and alteration of the lining of the uterus.

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