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Art, Mary and the Annunciation

            Over time, the depiction of Mary in the Annunciation has been expressed in various ways. Each artist produces the image of Mary differently, each appealing to a specific audience. It is common to see countless images of a traditional Mary because in most cases that is usually what is presented while growing up. Unfortunately our society has made a general drastic change from what it use to be; the younger generations need a lot more guidance and relation. Although the image of Mary is typically expressed in a straight clean cut manner like Fra Angelico's painting; our society now is more likely to connect with the modern Mary in John Collier's painting. .
             Fra Angelico's painting of the Annunciation would be considered traditional or old fashion. This painting's setting occurred in Florence, Italy around c. 1430-1450 which remotely gave the picture an older look. Angelico illustrates Mary fully robed from her neck down to her ankles. She then has another blanket wrapped around her shoulders down to her feet. Moreover, Angelico only displays the skin of Mary's face and neck. Not only is Mary in this painting clothed completely different than what the younger generation would imagine but she also looks extremely older. These two characteristics make it tremendously difficult for the young generation in this society to religiously understand and connect. They need to be able to comprehend while learning the history of Virgin Mary. Fra Angelico's painting is more appealing to an older generation who are firmly set with their beliefs and religion. The younger generation on the other hand needs to be inspired by something on their level.
             John Collier painted his version of the Annunciation to be very moderate or contemporary. This particular painting was produced in the year 2000, which understandably gave it a new crisp look. Collier made his painting much more bright and vivid to attract more viewers.

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